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Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud is a very real phenomenon which impacts on every area of insurance.  Its sophistication grows as risk management systems and fraud triggers become more robust and comprehensive in their coverage.

When processing a claim insurers may be lacking in key information allowing them to make an informed business decision. Alternatively they may want to have suspicious, large or unusual claims evaluated to assess potential fraud, misrepresentations, exaggerations, non-disclosures or simply assess liability, recovery or quantum.

Timely, reliable, accurate and independent information is critical when making decisions as to the validity of claims.  Whether it be paying the claims, declinature or reducing the claim, effective claims management requires detailed information.

Each instruction is assigned and managed by an experienced case manager that understands the intrinsic requirements of insurance investigations. 

With an extensive pool of resources, LKA has the ability to assign and match specialised investigators, according to the nature of the claim and its individual requirements. 

True partnership is a key component of LKA’s operating philosophy and we ensure that our clients are kept informed on an investigation’s status.  Access is provided to our secure online ‘CaseManager’ system which provides our clients with 24/7 access to their information and critical updates on the investigation.  This system allows clients to issue instructions, review progress, view statements, photographs, surveillance videos and much more.

  • Motor vehicle theft & property loss
  • Burglary and fire
  • Workers Compensation
  • CTP accident investigations
  • Common Law
  • Recovery claims
  • Asbestos and related airways diseases
  • General liability
  • Psychological & psychiatric injury claims
  • Travel Claims
  • Statutory/Pending liability claims
  • Income protection and life claims
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