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Ethics and Misconduct

Organisations are often vulnerable to fraudulent, criminal and inappropriate behaviours.   Employers can be confronted with significant staff complaints, breaches of internal discipline and official misconduct.  A prompt, independent and robust response to allegations sends a powerful message to employees, customers, regulators, shareholders and investors.

Such investigations are demanding on time and require independence, impartiality, objectivity and procedural fairness in accordance with the principles of natural justice.  Independent inquiry, free from any perceptions of pre-conceived notions by those involved is fundamental to just outcomes.

LKA Group has an experienced team of investigators who specialise in ethics and misconduct investigations.  Our team includes anti-corruption specialists, lawyers with significant experience in conducting misconduct and workplace investigations and relevant experience in governance, integrity and risk management.

All work is overseen by legal technical case managers to ensure the interests of the clients are maintained and protected, as well as ensuring an environment of continuous improvement and high quality outcomes.

Our Services include;

Misconduct Investigation Services – official misconduct, misconduct, disciplinary and internal grievances, harassment, bullying, sexual assault, assault, criminal offences, inappropriate behaviours, misuse of internal resources and any matter deemed to be potential misconduct.

Ethics Investigation Services – discrimination, favouritism/bias, employment selection and promotion process bias/favouritism, inappropriate and unacceptable behaviours and whistleblower investigations.

Complaints Investigation Services – investigation of public complaints, agency complaints and other general complaints relating to information technology, HR, privacy breaches or financial concerns or any other matters falling under the provisions of complaint management policies.

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Services – develop codes of conduct, fraud and corruption control plans, ethics training, fraud awareness training, fraud risk assessments, fraud and corruption benchmarking gap analysis.

The LKA Group offers clients the following key benefits:

  • A strong focus on understanding and finding solutions to meet client’s needs.
  • A quick response to attending briefings, agreeing to scope/terms of reference and promptly commence inquiries.
  • Maintaining a high level of effective and regular communication with clients and all parties involved in the investigation.
  • Objectivity, impartiality and professionalism.
  • Understanding complex legislation, policies and procedures.
  • A high level of understanding of the rules of evidence.
  • A large team of experienced and highly trained investigators in multiple disciplines.
  • The ability to manage complex and sensitive matters.
  • Complete confidentiality and discretion.
  • Conducting efficient investigations, limiting evidence to that which is relevant, significant and credible.
  • Logical reports where technical/complex aspects are clearly explained and easily comprehensible.
  • Identification of system failures or breakdowns related to the matter.
  • Clear findings, which enable and support a clear course of action.
  • Liaison with other service providers (eg. mediators, psychologists, legal representatives, law enforcement, and anti-corruption bodies)
  • A range of training programs for internal staff including code of conduct, misconduct and workplace investigations.
  • A range of fraud and corruption preventative services.



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